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Safety Power Device - Hard Wire Kit for DR650, DR600, DR550, DR500, DR400 v2 & DR380G Range

Smart Power - 2015 version

The lukas Power Safety Device. The perfect solution for hardwiring into your vehicle so you are able to use the parking mode features on the Lukas camera range.

Vehicle battery protection system

The Lukas Power Safety Device is an advanced dual vehicle battery protection system offering both low cut voltage protection and timer control for your camera.

12 volt and 24 volt vehicles are supported, making it ideal for both private vehicles and commercial vehicles.

£29.99 inc Vat

Smart Power - HardWire Kit for DR550, DR500, DR400 v2 & DR380G Range

Safety Power Device - Hard Wire Kit for DR750, DR650, DR600, DR550, DR500, DR400 v2 & DR380G Range

Low Voltage protection mode

The lukas Power Safety Device protects your vehicles battery from accidental discharge and allow you to use parking mode, you have 4 options in each mode (12/24 Volts) and once the vehicles battery reached this cut off voltage the power to the camera is cut and will not be reapplied until you start the vehicle.

Timer Mode with Low Voltage protection

The lukas Power Safety Device will also work in timer mode, a switch on the side allows you to select timer mode. you can set the time between 12 hours and 48 hours. The timer will be overridden by the low voltage mode to protect your vehicles battery from accidental discharge should the vehicles battery fall below the set voltage cut off setting.

Parking mode Kill Switch and Status LED

There is a convenient kill switch to shut down the LK-290 should you not want the camera to work in parking mode. It will however not kill the camera completely, if the vehicles ignition is on the camera power is still supplied with power so you never miss a recording if your vehicle is being driven. The status LED will clearly display what mode the lukas Power Safety Device is in.

Start Button

The start button allow you to start up the camera if the timer has activated or the Low cut voltage protection has activated, it will however only continue work if the voltage exceeds the low cut voltage setting, if not it will shot down the camera after 30 seconds.

Product Specification

Model name : lukas Power Safety Device
Input voltage : 11V ~ 30V
Output voltage : BYPASS (11V ~ 30V)
Output Current : Max.1A (Do not exceed)
Operating Temperature : -20C~ +70C
Leakage Current : Not higher than 100

Wire Length: B+ wire length: approx.50cm ACC wire length: approx.50cm Socket wire length: approx.40cm

Product Package

  • Main Device
  • Cable Tie
  • Adhesive Tape
  • User Guide