Blackvue - Frequently Asked Questions

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Blackvue - Frequently Asked Questions

Blackvue - Frequently Asked Questions

BlackVue doesn't operate, only LEDs work.
If BlackVue On/Off LED is working, but BlackVue itself would not turn On/Off, press and hold the button on the side for 7 seconds to restart BlackVue. When the power is off, BlackVue will turn off. When the power is on, BlackVue will restart. m* If such issue persists please call to our A/S center.

How can an SD card get worn out?
An SD card gets worn out when it goes through many read-write cycles which may cause errors. Those errors unaddressed may seriously damage an SD card. So, we recommend to format your SD card using our SD Formatter every week or at least every 2-3 weeks. Also after formatting it is strongly recommended to update the firmware. And always switch off the power prior to taking the SD card out of your BlackVue.

The Blackvue app on Android causing 'Signal Too Weak' error


Android v4.3 drops wifi connection when it can't detect internet access causing the Blackvue app to say 'signal too weak' but it really means it has dropped the connection.

The fix for this is ,as others have indicated, is to remove the automatic internet search done by android so that the phone will stay connected to a network without internet access. To do this, go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone, tap the menu key and choose 'Advanced' then 'uncheck' the 'Auto switch network' and it will stay connected to the camera.

The only down side to this is that when you want to swap back to your 'usual' network, you may have to re-visit the Wi-Fi settings and click on your preferred network to re-connect to it.

Its a good idea to give the Blackvue Wi-Fi connection a static ip address. It makes the connection to the camera both quicker and more reliable as it does not have to go through the DHCP procedure. Mine camera assigns the ip address under DHCP, so I set that up as a static ip address for the connection.

Tap and hold the Wi-Fi Blackvue connection. Select 'Modify network connection'. Check the 'Show advanced options' check box. Change the 'IP settings to 'Static' and the ip address to (or whatever address your camera assigns to your phone under DHCP). Click 'Save'.

What do voice guide phrases exactly mean?

“BlackVue for your safe driving.” – BlackVue system start
“Starting normal recording.” – Normal recording is on
“The BlackVue is now shutting down.” – BlackVue system shutdown
“Parking mode enable.” – Parking mode is on
“Parking mode disable.” – Parking mode is off
“No SD card. Please insert the SD card.” – No SD card in the slot
“Please Check the SD card.” – BlackVue cannot recognize the SD card/SD card not responding/SD card reading, writing or erasing error/SD card writing speed is too slow so it is unable to record videos
“The version information is different.” – System language is different/Config version is different
“Normal recording disable.” – Normal recording is off
“Upgrading the BlackVue. Please do not turn off the power.” – Update is being installed
“Restarting the BlackVue.” – Restart after update installation
“Resetting the time.” – System time is being adjusted
“The model information is different.” – Different model/Version number cannot be read from the SD card file
“Initializing the SD card.” – No version information on the SD card, initialization
“No setting information in SD card.” – No config file
“Invalid system configuration.” – Config file is broken

Can BlackVue firmware be updated via BlackVue app?

Yes, it’s possible, however prior to firmware update you have to format the SD card on your computer using SD Card Formatter. (Smartphone formatting technology varies from handset ot handset and just might not deliver desired result)

How can I test if BlackVue gets the power?
Take out the SD card and start the BlackVue, if there’s power supply format the SD card, update the firmware and plug in the SD card back. If it does not help bring your BlackVue the A/S center.

Is the there a power button on BlackVue?

No, there isn’t. BlackVue automatically switches on when connect it to power suplly either via cigar jack or to an uninterrupted power supply (PowerMagic, PowerMagic Pro, smart Power).

How to play a recorded file
BlackVue recordings are saved in MP4 format so that you can easily play the recorded files using a general video player (PC, smart phone or navigation) without file format conversion.

What is Power Magic Pro
Power Magic is a device that supplies power to BlackVue from car battery according to the configured voltage or the configured timer to prevent the battery of the vehicle being discharged.

Installation location for BlackVue
attach the BlackVue to a windshield of your car using double-sided tape

How to connect the power if cigar socket is not
Please use the multi cigar socket.(Purchase separately)

How long does it have warranty period?
The warranty of BlackVue is 1 year from the purchase date. The warranty period for accessories such as the battery and Micro SD card : 6 months

What is view angle?
View angle is about 121°. BlackVue records three-lane road

Does the angle automatically rotate 360°
Main body is manually rotated 360°. It records vehicle's interior.
User can install it to vehicle rear window, and it records rear shot as well.

How to connect the power?
Please connect the cigar jack to cigar socket.